Tiny Boat in Flooding Waters

Flotila Safety Devices

Favorable & handy tool for
easy swimming!

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Wearing Flotila helps you to swim without any hassle!

Flotila is a safe equipment that allow you to swim and even take part in disaster management. Flotila made upon imported nylon and straps. HDPE cylinders and buckles are used in Flotila to float. The design and make is using proper quality material of nylon. Even children can easily carry it to their needs.

Specifications & Availability

Making the maximum use of water exercise without danger

Design, shape, and make of Flotila are strictly suit for wearing. The light weight Flotila is just below 600 gms. Very favorable for kids and adults. Good material for any kind of causalities and water related disasters. Flotila is available in small budget.

Age: 4 – 9
Weight: 12 – 20
Age: 10 – 20
Weight: 18 – 40
Age: 20 – 80
Weight: 40 – 150

Superior Quality Components, Equipment is designed according to necessity demands

When life jacket are used today are meant only for help people to float in water. Flotila allows to swim without any hassle. With the convenience after wearing, Flotila tend to people more comfortable in water.

Little Time to Wear

Wearing and removing Flotila is easy. Simply can use for kids and women. The weight of Flotila as low as 600 gms.

Considering for Emergency

Considering of causalities and water related disasters. Found very useful to self safety for those who engage in disaster management.


The price of Flotila is very low. Flotila available in 3 sizes and prices are varies according to them. Our mission is make the Flotila available for everyone.


Nylon Clothes and Straps

Superior quality materials. HDPE cylinders and buckles that do not get soaked.

Less Weight

Weight is just blow as 600 gms. Fotila available in 3 sizes, that can easily carry according to their age.

Handy for Swimming

Wearing flotila including woman and children can easily swim in waters. Making maximum use of enjoyment. Found very suitable for self safety.

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