We are Swim Aid Manufacturer,

The Personal Flotation Device

Science, Technology and Environment council appreciated Flotila as a safty swimming device. Flotila is approved by Kerala State Disaster Management Authority of India. Kerala State Fire and Rescue Service Department has issued a positive test report for Flotila. Flotila is a patent pending product. We importing components of superior quality that are most accurately set uniqueness in making Flotila.

Experiencing Water Exercise

Builder of necessary safety equipment

We are making Flotila as easy swimming device. Flotila is designed according to the shape of body, that fits conveniently to the swimmer. That allows limbs move free. In case any delay in disaster management authority, we can take a step to help the public. By all means Flotila is sure a sufficient equipment for emergency.

Present method of training for swimming is scientific. Flotila works like an equipment that would easily help to learn swimming. That is quite safe for public, especially working man like fisherman, mechanic workers, some sort of water vehicles.

Our Vision is to make Flotila available for people who engaged in waters

Water is a provider for body and mental health. But majority of people keep away from water just because of they do not have a favorable equipment. Flotila is a solution for people who engaged in water.  Some times people who learned swimming in pools, and dare to swim freely in sear, lake, river etc. then often that will cause trouble. In such case Flotila allow you to swim freely and confidently.

  • Wearing Flotila can easily swim in water.
  • Long lasting without damage.
  • It require wearer little time to wear and remove.
  • Suitable for self safety for those engage in water.
  • Favorable for kids and women.
  • Making maximum use of water exercise.

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